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Monthly Moon Class October

Monthly Moon Class for October 2020:

Full Moon in Aries "Learning to Balance Relationships using Astrology"


October 2, 2020 8pm-9pm EST 


The Libra season is officially the kickoff to Bae Season! Everyone loves talking about Love & Relationships, but very few truly understand their Love language. Libra is the house of relationship and is ruled by Venus which governs our receptivity to languages of love and how we express our hearts to those we truly care about. 

With us approaching the first draft to Bae Season AKA Libra season its a great time to have a group study session about your love language and how to make sure you are maintaining your balance between what you do for you and your self care vs how you go out of your way in your relationships. 

Join me for 1 hour on Friday (Venus Day) to learn about your 7th House Energy and how to balance your relationships using astrology.


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  Virtual Extravaganza



Kink’d Up ATL Virtual Extravaganza is our 1 day Virtual Event to Celebrate all things Sacred Sex & Kinky!


Due to CoVid-19, we are unable to have our annual event during our normal Halloween Weekend, so we decided to do our Virtual Event to celebrate our Kinky!

Annual Kink’d Up ATL Weekend has been rescheduled to

February 2021!

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