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Meet Gigi Of I Am Living Aligned
Goddess Gigi Gi-Twice
Meet Gigi Of I Am Living Aligned
Meet Gigi Of I Am Living Aligned

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Welcome to your Waistbead Journey!

Waist Beads are an age old African tradition and are worn for vast reasons and purposes to celebrate femininity, fertility, healing, spirituality, power, balancing, attracting and keeping a mate, rites of passage, rejuvenation, initiations, first menses, energy, body shaping, to promote good blood circulation, sexual enhancers, and protection among other things. Worn by both woman AND men, women adorn their waist, while the men wear them around their necks. 

Upcoming Group Classes & Events


Wild Women Worship is a private 1-day event in selected major cities for womxn to have safe space to learn about our indigenous healing practices and partake in Spirit Medicine Sacraments in a safe space with other womyn! 


The purpose of this event is to celebrate and embrace every archetype of the feminine, while educating and discussing the indigenous practices of wild women within our earth communities.​

~Atlanta, GA (SOLD OUT) 
May 7th, 2021~


~New York, NY  

July 9th, 2021~

~DC/Maryland/Philly (SOLD OUT) 

July 16th, 2021~

~Las Vegas, NV 
(Rescheduled for August)

August 7th, 2021~

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