class of yin 2019


July 21, 2019 - August 18, 2019
Registration & Deposit Due by July 20, 2019

Payment Options:

1) $299 - Full Payment


2) $325 - Payment Plan

$162.50 Deposit by July 20th - $162.50 by August 9th

Week 1 starts 7/21/19

This is a 5-week Online self-guided course to learn, understand and recreate our experiences with our mothers and their wombs. It has been proven that we not only carry the genetic phenotype of our parents, but we also carry the trauma, the disappointments and the fears of our parents.   


With this being truth, some of the emotional energy and stress we carry is NOT our own. We are the children birthed through these experiences to uncover and change them! In order to do so, we must come out of the victim mindsets experienced through childhood and learn our mothers wounds.  

You will receive: 

-1 One-on-One Session with Gigi

-2 weekly 2018 class playbacks every Sunday, along with homework & deliverables for the weeks completion objectives. 

-Weekly Zoom group study on Sunday night at 9pm est for 33 mins to go over any class deliverables and to ask questions.  


Class Topic & Layout:  

WEEK 1: CLASS 1 - Class of Yin Introduction & Course Flow Discussion & Birth Natal Chart (Session with Gigi)


WEEK 2: CLASS 2 - Earliest Childhood Memories; Core Family Programs  (Marriage & Family Values)

CLASS 3: The Science of the Mother & Womb using the Bible ~Special  Guest: Kimesha McDowell of Blaq Fire Nation 


WEEK 3: CLASS 4 - Defining/Redefining Views on Sex, Love and Money 

CLASS 5: Techniques to Reprogram the Womb (Meditations & Mantras)  Using Words, Colors, and Scents to Manifest 


WEEK 4: CLASS 6 - September 2nd: Feminine Alignment (The Softness & Mystery of the Feminine) 

CLASS 7: Moon Cycle Harmony (28 day Menstrual cycle & the Moon)


WEEK 5: CLASS 8 - September 16th: Using Emotions to Create (Creativity &  Sex) 

CLASS 9: Sensual Dance and Sex Magic:Unblocking the Root Chakra   

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