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Saturday, August 22nd, 2020 Life Coaching with Gigi Robinson

We often seen our mothers, sacrificing every ounce of energy they had for the sake of family and community. Only for her to end up mad and angry that those same people she's given her last to, are now selfishly not offering the same help she once gave them. Well, who told her to? Who told our mothers that the way to prove their love is by giving it all away? It was a program, from many generations of women before her, doing what they thought was best for survival. The truth is in past generations, it was. However, we are not in that period. We are our mothers and our grandmothers dreams, and are now in a space that in order to keep going and to keep being and doing what we love, we must first give to ourselves. Self-care is not an option, but rather a necessity just as water. If we don't stop to see that we need us more than anyone else, we will loose ourselves in the gift of giving to others so much so, that we neglect self and start to self destruct.

A great way to start practicing self-care is to incorporate something that you do for yourself on daily or weekly basis. I practice morning self-care, which is the first 30 mins of the am, I spend it in thought and how I want my day to flow. I also speak gratitude of love for the things I'm blessed to have so that I don't loose focus. I remind me that life is not about things but about the appreciation of the experience in life itself. I speak nice things about myself and how proud of me, that I am at accomplishing the things I set out to create.

Find ways to give yourself self-care and watch how much your energy and body responds in a more positive and loving way towards you. Then and only then, should you start to give of yourself to others, when you know you have an overflow and abundance to give. Giving from abundance, creates more abundance. Giving from lack, creates lack mentality and scarcity, no matter how much you feel like you are helping. You deserve you first!

If you need help to create plans of action to incorporate your daily or weekly self-care, click this link to schedule your session.

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