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Magick MoonDay: Monthly Moon Journals, No not JUST for the ladies!

Monday, August 31st, 2020 Life Alignment with Gigi Robinson

Do you keep a journal of how your monthly moon cycle is doing?

Fellas, I'm talking to you too! Everyone has a moon cycle, because everyone has emotional energy. If you want to start to see the patterns and triggers in your emotional behavior on a monthly, especially during different moon phases, start to journal your feelings everyday. You can use your phone calendar or as I do, purchase a wall calendar. For those of you too lazy to do either, click this link below to create a downloadable calendar for your computer.

You will start to see patterns in your emotions and can start to incorporate tools to help manage your upsets. This is what I like to call farming your energy. When you start to really listen to yourself and hear the vibrations of your body, you will know exactly what you need and when you need it. You can use tools such as meditation music and mantras to help realign your emotions to a healthier vibrational space. I have attached 2 links below for you to checkout as resources you can possibly save in your emotional wellness toolbox.

Do you feel you need some help getting started on your emotional healing journey? Click the link below and take advantage of the $100 discount on my 3 month Jump Start Program! Discount available until 9/7/2020. Click the link and let's get you started! 3 Month Starter Package

Month-by-Month Guide on how to use your energy wisely!

$399-($100) $299 for 3 monthly sessions! I look forward to assisting you in manifesting the quality of life you truly desire!

~Gigi Robinson

Downloadable Calendar for your computer Music for Balance of Emotions Sacral Chakra Healing Chants ⁂ BALANCE EMOTIONS

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