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Monday, August 2, 2021

Welcome to August, my love!

This month is going to be a much needed detox, weeding out and preparing yourself for the massive influx of opportunities headed your way kicking off this month leading you into the FALL season.

Take some deep breaths this week, Last week was pretty heavy especially this past Thursday/Friday/Saturday with intense energy of the Aries Moon & Jupiter, Mars & Chiron in our charts. The Moon is in Gemini as of 4:46 am & Mercury forms a trine to Chiron today, opening our minds to learning from one another. We are ready to expand and willing to learn and apply all the tools necessary to get to that level!

Spend some time today looking over your chart for the strongest aspects (your chart on time passages) as well as your medium aspects too. You are 6 days away from the total opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal, don’t miss this opportunity to opening up your flood gates of abundance this year.

Stay out of the lanes & company of distractions and chaos. Choose Love & Choose the spaces that forces you to grow and to own your pathways to living your best life! I love you all & have a great MONDAY!! ~Gigi

Where/How to study:

-Time Passage App: (iPhone) (Google Play) Put in your birthday information -or Google search your aspect (Ex. What does “Moon in Scorpio”)

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