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Monday, August 9, 2021

Greetings Love!

I hope that you are having a beautiful Monday & day after the Lions Gate 8/8 which really open some doors and shined some light on the things creating trouble in your world. The Moon is in Virgo today, putting us in a space of breaking down the details of our emotions and what’s at the root cause of our discontentment. Be mindful of staying in the wonders of what ifs and why’s because you’ll be in that rabbit hole all day creating a cycle of panic and worry. This is a time period when your belief in yourself and your abilities is going to have to be what you focus on most. If you find yourself lost in the energy or the vibrations of abandonment and regret, physical activity and connecting to nature can help you to move out of those spaces.

If you didn’t get a chance to do a Lions Gate/Leo ritual yesterday, today is a great time to allow yourself the space & time to do so. Make it centered around your heart space and forgiveness to create the room for the immediate attention to the transition you desire.

Although this energy right now is creating all kinds of chaos, you must learn your center of peace and gravity through it all. Disconnect from the world today and connect to your heart space.

Have a Beautiful Moonday! ~Gigi

Cafe Astrology Moon Report:

The Moon continues its transit of Leo until 10:56 AM EDT, after which the Moon is in Virgo. We're especially focused on straightening out our lives with a Virgo Moon, but the day's energies can find us quite distracted. Venus opposes Neptune today, and we can feel a little exasperated or wistful. We may be wrestling with expectations and perceptions. If we've been indiscriminate with money, pleasures, and relationships, problems can emerge now.

Uncertainty in Venus-ruled areas of life (romance, social life, leisure, and finances) can be prominent. We need to assess those things that have become dysfunctional, and, in the process, we may need to give up on an unrealistic ideal so that we can make gains. We are more emotionally vulnerable and more susceptible to deceit or self-deceit. If possible, it may be best to delay significant decision-making regarding social, financial, and romantic involvements, as things are not clear along these lines.

The void Moon occurs from 8:23 AM EDT, with the Moon's last aspect before changing signs (an opposition to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Virgo at 10:56 AM EDT.

Moon Seek Daily Report

Energy Affecting Us All: (Strongest Aspects-Time Passages) Sun in Leo Square Uranus in Leo Moon in Virgo Opposition Jupiter in Aquarius/Pisces cusp Venus in Virgo Opposition Neptune in Pisces

What to study/read in your chart today: (Study Your Strongest Aspects-Time Passages)

-Your Moon sign -Your Venus Sign -Your Jupiter Sign -Your Neptune Sign

-Your Uranus Sign

-All areas where you have Leo

-5th House Placements & Aspects

-All areas where you have Aquarius

-11th House Placements & Aspects -Also Look up MEDIUM aspects on Time Passages

Where/How to study:

-Time Passage App: (iPhone) (Google Play) Put in your birthday information -or Google search your aspect (Ex. What does “Moon in Scorpio”)

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This session is for my Leo’s or those wanting to know ALL about how to work your Leo Season!

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