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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Grand Rising Everyone!!

I have a special request today. I’m taking an emotional health break to take care of my health & heart. The real estate market in Atlanta has caused me & my daughter to be homeless as of July 31st and we are living in a hotel. It’s not a money issue or a credit issue. This is an issue of no houses or apartments available for us within 30 mins of my daughters school and it could causes other issues if we don’t stay within the district. This is her last year so I’m doing all that I can and did everything I know to do for the last 3 months to prevent this and I just couldn’t avoid it. I’m sharing with my community so that you’ll understand my position during this time, and I ask my community to give me a break to fix my life and focus on me and my daughter. I have been functioning and still doing EVERYTHING as all this was going on, and I’m completely exhausted today and I can’t continue in this way mentally or spiritually anymore.

It is my hope that this break ends before this month. If not, I will reach out again to let you know the status of me and my family and my plans to move forward with my text community. I appreciate your presence & your patience with my process & my energy.

Until then, if you want to stay on top of your daily Astrology, make sure you download Time Passages & put in your birth cart information so that you can see your daily aspects to work & the daily aspects for us as a world.

Again, I appreciate each & every one of you and I thank you for holding space for me & my daughter. ~Gigi

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 12, 2021

With you & your daughter, Gigi! May a perfect place open up for you & her soon! Best wishes on your break! May it be healing & strengthening. May your ancestors continue to look out for you! Wishing you & your babe the highest good!

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