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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Happy Wednesday love!

The Moon is in Gemini until 5:17pm when it shifts into Cancer, so we started the day off adding to some of the things we worked on yesterday. However, now we’re starting to feel some energy is shifting towards touch and some much needed nurturing. Continue to work through some of the ideas that popped up and give them a time frame to come back to them, and focus on what can be brought to full illumination within this cycle.

Also keep in mind, we have 2 Aquarius Full Moons this month, so the work of Leo & Aquarius, is literally just getting started, as well as the Chiron retrograde in Aries still asking you to let go of the pain and move to the next chapter of vision. Some days will be clear and others can be a feeling of lost and uncertainty, but that’s where your truth can come to surface and shine. Saturn say USE that energy to structure your plan. Everything you see now is some part of this huge Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction Blessing puzzle, and you will see that boldly, if you don’t give up on yourself along the way. ~Gigi

Don’t forget to use some time looking over your chart for the strongest aspects (your chart on time passages) as well as your medium aspects too. You are 4 days away from the total opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal, don’t miss this opportunity to opening up your flood gates of abundance this year.

Where/How to study:

-Time Passage App: (iPhone) (Google Play) Put in your birthday information -or Google search your aspect (Ex. What does “Moon in Scorpio”)

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