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"Wild women, they open portals to new worlds, new speech, new dreams. 

Oh, dearly beloveds, so dearly departed from the ways of the guardian, beware. For wild women are not to be tamed. Only admired. Just let her in and witness her set your days ablaze."

~Sunni Patterson: Wild Women TEDtalk

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Wild Women Worship

Wild Women Worship is a private day event in select major cities for single women and queer women to activate and/or honor the wild woman within. 

The purpose of this event is to celebrate and embrace every archetype of the feminine, while educating and discussing the indigenous practices of wild women within our earth communities.​

Each city will feature panel discussions, classes and ceremonies, lead by Gigi & other powerful, wild women that embodies and connect to her divine feminine and indigenous mastery!

Topics, Classes & Panel Discussions will cover:

-Wild Women: Definitions and Archetype descriptions of the Divine Indigenous Woman


-Alter Work: 101-How to properly attune and connect to our open ancestral portals.


-Holistic Herbs & Medicinal Cannabis: Learn household and common outside herbs to use for everyday healing as well as the healing benefits of cannabis & CBD.
-Plant Based Medicines & Ceremonies: Learn about traditional indigenous plant based medicine practices and ceremonial experiences that can restart your life and remove years of childhood and mental trauma.


-Sacred Sex Magic: Learn your true sexual energy nature and how to use it to manifest the life you dream of!​

Wild Women Worship Tour Part 2:

New Haven, CT
Las Vegas, NV
Memphis, TN
New Orleans, LA
Portland, OR


Only 11 seats per city!


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 Wild Women Worship Tour 2019-2020



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